Import Express Air/Sea Worldwide

Our goods import courier services allow you to empower your global suppliers with a right connect to ship directly to you through us. We could exclusively create a drop box for your regular need that you can receive your suppliers forward or pick them from their door.

We organize import of Goods, Components, Spares and other items from just about part of the world. Accuracy in both pick-up and delivery of Items, Documentation, Safety and Competitive prices are our strength.

Work takes you places. It is importing parcels and couriers that are crucial sometimes to keep up with habits which we have had when we used to be home. Sometimes we travel and yearn the beautiful things seen and heard of in other faraway lands. This is again where import parcels and couriers acts like a genie to make your wishes come true. You may not be able to go to a place but you can surely get those exotic things of the land if you import parcel shipments instead. This task of importing when you leave with specialists acts as an even better experience as the joys are more than the pains to be undertaken.

Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. s’ Import Express has been specifically designed to cater this requirement, who wish to import parcels and couriers or import parcel shipments – commercial or personal use. Laws are amended to make this importing parcel shipments and couriers easy, but who really has the time to keep abreast with the changes with so many tasks at hand. Even when you know the law it is not always possible to execute it in the best manner as the practical limitations of the job are best left to those who do this in and out. So when you think about import parcel shipments or couriers, imagine the strain it would cause to deal with the customs by visiting physically, dealing with the various departments, ensuring your paper work is in place etc. instead of contacting just one point person at Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., who will understand your requirements and deliver your import parcel shipments and couriers from one door to your door or your choice of door. This kind of couriers is not a daunting affair if you assign the onerous task to someone who does this day in and day out. Not in volume of pages or single digit parcels but in whooping tonnage of transfers each day. All this couriers not just of the domestic segment but of parcels which touch the customs every single day; some are import parcel shipments while some are export parcel shipments. Exports we anyways undertake when we ship your goods our of India. Be assured that we are good with the reverse process i.e. import services to India as well. Advantage of choosing Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is that when transacting couriers for import parcel shipments, you involve with just one invoice which you sign with Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., one company to deal with, which again is Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., one currency depending on the nation of transaction and one simple solution i.e. Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. Import Export Express.

An additional plus, Value-added Services Insurance On top of the standard Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. liability, we provide insurance services that offer our customers financial protection against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause. Customs Clearance Services Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of non-standard export clearance and handling services. This is particularly useful when sending high-value or multi-content shipments that require special paperwork or handling. Just mail us your import or export details & we will get back to you. Whether you are importing from or exporting to Asia, Europe, or North or South America, Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is the fast, easy-to-use service that allows you to succeed. You can count on Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., the global leader in the express parcels and courier industry to get your imports from over 200 countries, using one network, and one invoice in your local currency. If you know a simpler way, tell us! If you want one, call us! If you are a company, our Importers and Exporters service in Industry and Solutions header should interest you. For individual transactions too, your search ends here!

The innate need of any exporters and importers that define their service and their success is a good and effective logistic solution. Most service providers have limitations including restrictions on certain cargo and goods, high prices, poor services and more. Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. however works to deliver beyond the industry limitations and offer comprehensive services that deliver a variety of solutions to its clients, ensuring courier of goods that other companies often won’t ship. This service is available to all users including an enterprising businessman, a conventional importer, trader, exporter, or just an individual that wants to save on Indian merchandise. This Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. service is loaded with excellent customer benefits like door to door service with custom clearance, insurance cover and documentation. This along with online tracking services at unmatched prices with online payment options. Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. ships garments and groceries, to chemicals, samples, printed materials, fabric, electronics, consumer products, automobile parts, industrial items, healthcare products, medications, retail products, and other high quality goods that you may want from India, we ship anything to any location throughout the world. Connect now to request a quote or get a customized logistic solution with flexible payment options for any size, weight or volume consignment. Excel Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. ships anything that is legal to and from anywhere in the world.